Unique diet types with certain foods

Choosing the right diet is necessary so you can have the one which suits you the most. Remember that every person has different types of body and medical condition, so it’d be useful for you to know many kinds of diet types, especially if you have to avoid or eat specific foods for the sake of your own health. Aside from that, you may also want to take a look at green garcinia pro Canada if you’re looking for a great and natural diet supplement.

Red rice diet

This one is a unique diet. A popular diet about the last two years is different from other types of diets that suggest eating more often. That is you can eat about 5 to 6 times a day. The goal is to keep your metabolism well.

Breakfast, dinner around 10 am lunch, dinner during the afternoon and evening. Although required to frequently eat, but remember the food should not be arbitrary. The recommended food menu is red rice and chicken breast only. But you are also allowed to consume fresh fruit between meals. There are so many people managed to shrink the body and reduce their weight with this one diet.

Mayo Diet

How Diet Mayo initially developed by a clinic located in the United States that is mayo clinic. The workings of this body slimming program are somewhat different from other dietary methods, namely by fasting salt for 13 full days. Salt here can mean real or any food that has a salty taste. Salt should be avoided when undergoing this diet because salt is holding water in the body. So when the amount of water in the body, it will automatically hold a person’s body weight increases. In the process that is for 13 days, later all the salt and water will come out of the body through the urine and feces. So when the body no longer gets the salt intake, then the weight of the body weight will shrink.

Food Combining Diet

Diet combining food is one method of diet that until now is still much done because of its effectiveness. In addition, because this method does not limit the amount of food that goes, so the perpetrators will not feel tortured and hungry. Food combining focuses more on the pH conditions in the blood that should be neutral with the help of eating. Diet Food Combining menu strongly recommends natural foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables that as much as possible do not experience the process. Because the vegetables and fruits that undergo the process have lost a lot of nutrients. Food combining patterns also suggest that the culprit combine animal protein and vegetables while eating. While protein and carbohydrate foods as much as possible not eaten simultaneously.