These are The Types of Ads You Can Put on Google

You who just want to advertise using iklan google ad services must be thinking about what kind of ads you will use to attract customers. Fortunately, by using google ads there are several types of ads to choose from. The types of ads are,

• Display Ads, with text ads across the google network of two million more, your ads will be easy to find from anywhere.

• App Ads, you can also promote your pardification through advertisements that will be displayed on the google network.

• Video Ads, your business will be advertised through videos on youtube. This way can be spelled out very effective to improve your business.

• Search Ads, your ads will appear in google search, just as customers search for the products you offer.
You just choose which type of ad that suits your business.
One of the service ads that can help you to display your ads on google is On the website, you will find many offers about ads that you can use.