Interesting Facts Regarding Email Marketing

There are still many people who think that email marketing is not an important thing done by business owners. Do you also think so? Yes, it’s quite difficult to get consumers interested in reading email marketing, but it can be overcome if you use a trusted email marketing service like solo ads so you can get an effective business promotion. Apart from that, here are some interesting facts about email marketing you need to know!

1. There are 3.6 million email accounts in 2013, and is forecast to increase to 4.3 million email accounts by 2016 later

2. Research conducted by McKinsey & Company shows that the use of email marketing has a level of effectiveness 40 times better than the use of a combination of Facebook and Twitter marketing.

3. Opening an account, reading, or writing an email is the most activity done smartphone users aged 18-44 years.

4. 91% of consumers open their email accounts at least once a day.

5. 43% of emails opened via a mobile device.

6. 64% of people who have policymaking positions open their email accounts via mobile devices.

7. Subject (email title) of less than 15 letters has a 58% chance of being read.

8. 33% of people open email based only on the subject of the email.

9. Subject email addressed to personal (and with personal greetings to the person receiving the email) is 22.2% more likely to be opened.

10. 72% of B2B (Business to Business) consumers share important information via email.