How to deal with your pet’s mites on your carpet and bed

Do you have a pet like a dog or a cat at home? Pets can prove to give a special impression for the owner. In addition to being considered as a friend or more a part of a family member, having a pet is also believed to improve your quality of life. When you have been busy activities all day outdoors, playing with pets at home is believed to reduce stress and depression to improve your ability to socialize. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to hire the best company of pest eradicator near you, especially if you wish to prevent any sickness from attacking your family members.

If you have a pet at home, it is important to prevent fleas that come from your pets settling on the carpet or bed of the house!

Here’s a simple way you can do it at home to keep your home textile materials and furniture clean from pet reach and disruption:

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet where your cat or dog is sleeping to clean the fleas and eggs.

Use a high-suction vacuum that does not damage your carpet material. Carefully clean or empty the vacuum cleaner because the ticks will still be alive.

Shake the carpet and your animal’s bed so the fleas and eggs fall off
Wash your pet bed every week at an ideal temperature of 50 ° C to turn off the fleas.

Notice when changing the carpet, put the bed and others, to avoid the spread of flea eggs.

Consider putting your pet bed in a place without carpeting, like on a wooden floor.

A small collection of fleas can be overcome by spraying insect or bug killers. A fixed set of lice will spread around the house and require professional handling. Rentokil offers a calling service to address bug and insect problems in your home. Do not wait until flea bites provide the inconvenience to you and pet animals at home!