Development Factor of South Tangerang City

It is appropriate if South Tangerang City is called Satellite City because here has enough shopping place. The number reaches 22 large shopping centers with goods that are not less with the property sold in Jakarta. The place is designed to be very comfortable, beautiful, and amazing. Can imagine the amount of velocity of money that occurred in South Tangerang because it turns out the shopping centers are never deserted, especially if the holiday weekend and red calendar holidays. Although South Tangerang City does not have large land for agriculture on a large scale, many people here have a soul to plant while loving the environment, continue farming on a narrow land. There are various ways of farming vegetables that can be tried, such as hydroponics. Despite the narrow land they can meet the upscale vegetable market, meeting the needs of hotels in Jakarta, meeting the needs of vegetables in large supermarkets to supply organic vegetables for a fantastic price. The development of Tangerang city from day to day more rapidly, the speed of the development of this city would be the main attraction with the news summarized in

As already described above that in South Tangerang this many people who have great potential to do, work with innovation benefits. Orchid flowers is an icon of South Tangerang City because this orchid farmer has a very long existence with hereditary farmers to pursue the self-taught orchid cultivation.