The Differences of Pulse in Past and in Present

Before the Internet era arose, we all always buy credit at the nearest counter from home or office. Unfortunately, the pulses sold tend to be expensive. Because they feel no competition, the seller gives a high price and still sells. The price difference is quite a lot of normal price pulse certainly make you lose, but cannot do anything because it takes.

Along with the development of the times, the internet also appeared and spread widely. The pulses are usually used for SMS and the phone starts to switch functions. Even today, you can tukar pulsa jadi uang through our website. Apart from that, in fact, users are using more credit to buy internet packages at that time the price is also not cheap. However, the internet is a trend still loved by the millennial.

The number of competition operators that make the service providers began to dare to provide a much cheaper price. Mobile operators are also starting to provide friendly data packets in the pockets so that many young people use it for the modem if lazy go to the cafe while doing the task.

The pulse that was originally used to purchase internet packages began to be abandoned. Now, the purchase of internet packages can be easily done without the need to buy credit first. Era SMS and phone by cutting the pulse was also increasingly rare because everything is sold in the form of packages.